Our Story

Stir It Up Records was founded when a dream to change the music scene met the lack of support that many independent/upcoming artists felt. It was understood that studios or spaces didn't exist where artists felt they could express themselves fully or share their passion expressively.

Stir It Up Records is set up successfully to prove and provide this space and to bridge the gap of unheard/independent artists with quality sound and endless opportunities.

We believe in and are committed to helping artist who want to share their love of music with the world and are aligned with our philosophy.

As we continue to help many musicians, producers, audio engineers and indie labels, we only wish to continue to reach many more in the future.

At Stir It Up Records, we are committed to our mission, music and the local arts scene.

Stir It Up Records and Productions is a home based local recording label and studio in Phoenix, Arizona. A studio in a suburb? Yes! This studio was designed with the creative process in mind and the idea to provide a private and at-home ambiance.

Our inspiration: View some of the featured and world famous home based recording studios in this article.

Our Partners